On this page you’ll find documents and information that guides leadership in making decisions regarding the association, community center, and other association business.

Association Leadership:
President: Phil Cozad (937-658-2860)
Vice-President: Brian Helman (937-308-8271)
Secretary: Tana Ingle (937-418-0948)
Treasurer: Patty Cotterman (937-726-2869)
Interim Rental Agent: Chris Helman (419-953-3746)
Trustee: Tim Jung (937-570-5401)
Trustee: Jessica Schlater     (937-570-4866)

Monthly Association Minutes as PDFs:
Monthly minutes will be posted here after approved at the next
scheduled meeting.
June, 2020
May, 2020
April, 2020
March, 2020

Association Documents:

— By-laws of Trustees as PDF
— Regulations of HCIA as PDF